Proposal Disaster

So a colleague mine from the hospital took me to lunch at the restaurant he met the love of his life so that I can give him decorating tips for the evening he proposes to her. Naturally, my girlie instincts come into play and I’ve hit the ground running with countless ideas, when all of a sudden his girlfriend comes storming up to us and slaps him and calls him a cheater and a liar. Uh oh…She starts yelling and screaming at me, calling me names, when finally he’s had enough and says: “Judy has graciously accepted to come to lunch with me so she can help me plan for the biggest decision of my life, which was to ask you to marry me! So do me a favour, stop your yelling, apologize to Judy and everyone at this restaurant and get your stuff and go stay over at your parents tonight.”
Everything was a blur after that and I paid the bill and went back to work. The lesson here ladies: Stop assuming the worst and quit yelling at the single, fabulous girls out there!

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