How to get yourself out of doing his laundry

Having a boyfriend sleepover from time to time can sometimes be an absolute nightmare for women. Aside from the awkwardness of morning breath, the fear of him seeing your bedhead, and your panty drawer, there is one thing that tops it all: HIS DIRTY LAUNDRY. If you’re like me, the sight of dirty clothes accumulating in the corner of your bedroom makes you cringe, especially when it belongs to someone else. I made the mistake early on in a relationship of doing his laundry every time a new pile started to form in the corner of my bedroom. Every other day I would throw his clothes in the wash after work just so I don’t have to see it in the morning. Boy was that a mistake because soon after he caught on and the pile just kept on growing. It didn’t take him long to put a note on my fridge that I needed an ironing board. And THAT was when I came to a screeching halt.

This was war. Sure, I could just tell him to get his clothes out of the corner or tell him to wash his own clothes. But I wanted to remain the sweet and innocent creature that he took me for. So, the day he left me another sweet note to put his whites in, was the day I took matters into my own hands. Like a dutiful girlfriend, I put all of his whites in the wash, made sure the water was hot, and even used his favourite detergent and when everything was a go, I threw in my brand new red panties for good measure.

The look on his face when he opened the lid to throw his clothes into the dryer when he came home was priceless. It was a mixture between anger, regret, and confusion. I let him stomp around and throw his arms up in the air, but nothing and I mean nothing was more satisfying than hearing him threaten me with the following: “You will never, EVER do my laundry ever again. I am going to take all my clothes and do them at mine from now on.”

Victory. 🙂


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