He’s not all sugar, honey!

Ladies, don’t always assume the ‘nice guy’ is all sugar. I recently discovered that the textbook nice guy I was dating was a whole lot of nice that got nasty pretty quick when things didn’t go his way. If under any circumstances, you come encounter any of the following situations or traits, immediately take off your closed-toe kitty heels and RUN!

1. Admits that he is a “Mama’s boy” with pride.

2. Thinks it’s really cute when you badger him about his odd habits, but can’t stand it when you intelligently debate a topic related to politics, religion, or academics.

3. Wants you to meet his friends and family after a month of dating and before you’ve had the chance to have “the talk”.

4. Tells you randomly that he would only marry you if his mother insisted on it to make her happy.

5. Invites you to spend the night and then gives you a bus token to get home because he’s late for work and driving would only harm the environment.

6. Complains that you never compliment him and when you finally do, he accepts it by saying, “I know”.

7. Helps you put together your Christmas tree and then kills the spirit by saying that your ornaments don’t have character like the ones at his parents house.

8. Says that all he wants for Christmas is you and then subtly hints that he needs new leather gloves, but not any old leather gloves! Oh no no no, he wants the same ones he bought for himself at Harry Rosen.

9. Says that he was putting up with you for the first five days that you were sick, even though you’ve been taking care of yourself 100% of the time. WTF…

10. In an argument, he starts listing off all the things that are wrong with him in order to guilt trip you.

If you’ve encountered any of the things I’ve listed above, there should be a tiny stick man waving a red flag in your head right about…. NOW!


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