An Unexpected Phone Call

As many of you know, almost a year ago I let go of someone that was very toxic to me. As you many of you recall, I used to refer to him as my version of Christian Grey. I haven’t thought of this person or uttered his name in such a long time that I didn’t even recognize the voice on the other end of the phone.

At around 8:15pm, I received a phone call from a local number. Of course I answered, but what came after turned my entire body cold as ice. It was HIM. The same man that walked in to my life and turned it upside down, then left me in a million pieces was calling. My brain stopped. I would love to say that I had a witty comment as soon as he said his name, but I didn’t. I was speechless. There was so much I wanted to say, so many questions I wanted to ask, so much abuse to I wanted to shout!! But I didn’t. I kept quiet and maintained my composer.

He wanted to apologize. Apologize for all that happened between us and the unspeakable stunt he pulled when he disappeared. I continued to listen. He wanted to see how I was doing and if there was a possibility of us meeting in person to talk. Then finally, I found my voice. I won’t go into detail about what I said, but I will say this; there is no way in hell that any self respecting person would ever accept an apology from such a person.

A conversation that lasted only 6 minutes felt like 6 hours. I sat there in my living room completely still replaying the events of a year ago. Once I snapped out of it, I called the only two people that saw me live through that nightmare almost exactly a year to the date. You can imagine what their reactions were when I told them and believe me, anger is just one of the many descriptive words I could use.

To this person, all I want to say to you is that waiting a year to apologize is pointless. Once I picked myself up and dusted myself off, I forgot about you and the thought of you never once crossed my mind, but it is so obvious that you have thought of me of every single day in the past year. Otherwise, how would you have remembered my number? #ByeFelicia

BTW…I just wanted to add that this is just like the time when Josh called Mindy from rehab and wanted to apologize. #TheMindyProject #TheJudyProject


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