Can a frog really be a Prince?

Let’s face it ladies, we are going to have kiss a lot of frogs before we meet Prince Charming and live happily ever after. Most fairy tales skip out on the part where we meet the frogs that mascaraed as princes. You know the frogs I’m talking about. The lengthy list of tossers we wasted our time, emotions, and mascara on. But what happens when they come back professing their love for you? Do you take them back? Do you let the outpour of love and affection for you take you over and forgive everything?

Getting dumped is never a good feeling. As women we go through many phases after a break up. From being devastatingly heartbroken, to grievance, to the feeling of emptiness, that turns into anger, frustration, and finally pity (from them); we eventually get over it. We think: “someday he’s going to crawl back to me” and with that, we move on, becoming a stronger, more experienced woman. What happens when that someday happens and they come back? What happens when he tells you that you are the one he wants to be with and he was too blind to see it from the get-go? That he misses the scent of your perfume on his pillow or the way you used to never let up in a game of Connect Four. Do you buy what he is selling or do you politely decline?

Now be warned ladies, these “salesmen” are still frogs, the only difference is that they are standing upright, otherwise they still are characterized by their long hind legs, a short body, webbed digits no tail and protruding eyes (usually staring down your shirt). Most frogs have a semi-aquatic lifestyle but move freely on land (otherwise known has bar-hopping looking for a good lay) by jumping or climbing. Because a frog is an amphibian, it is a cold blooded animal (HA!) and has thin moist skin (insert image of him licking his lips before kissing you).

Beyond the physical description and his mating rituals, ladies it is really important to remember how you feel. Can you really have a mutually respectful relationship with a person that once left you because he didn’t feel you were compatible or that he felt you guys weren’t on the “same page”? Can you really get past the feeling of helplessness when he stood in front of you with his hands in his pockets telling you that he didn’t feel the same; when all you longed for was for him to hold you? And finally, can you really unlearn everything you know and love about yourself once you’ve moved on from him? Can you really go back?

I guess this is why most fairy tales skip out on the story of the kissed and dissed frogs. They’re simply a filler, a hurdle, a private triumph for the heroin in the story. Nothing to lose, only to gain while we continue towards our happy endings.

Dedicated to a very special lady named Danielle. I remember the day you came into the office with tears streaming down your face, but the memory that will last forever is the way you picked yourself up, dusted yourself off, and set out to conquer your dreams. I don’t know if you realize how inspirational you are because I secretly wish we all had the poise and gracefulness you handled him with. 😉 


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